Thursday, October 6, 2011

Engage, the other "E-word"

I'm over at today with a post about a very spooky word.

Evangelizing is a scary word and Catholics don't like it.

I used to date a Baptist and in the spirit of ecumenical harmony, I went to a "megachurch" with him. I was greeted at the door by several smiles, handshakes and an immediate welcome. With the exception of some hateful words from some YoungLife kids in high school, I felt a strong sense of community and Love at Protestant events.

Theology aside, Protestants sure know how to attract souls. When you see someone brimming with joy, you want to know how they found it!

Somewhere along the way, Catholics stopped evangelizing

Maybe it's because we produce so many of our own? No matter the reason, it's time to start engaging again.

Before you run away screaming, here is a list of easy, but active ways YOU can spread Christ's message without worrying about shoving a bunch of words down a stranger's throat:
  • When you're at the store, chat with the cashier like your goal that day was to make them smile. I have a friend who spent a year as a missionary at Covecrest Life Teen camp in Tiger, GA where they did this regularly as an exercise. He is a CHAMPION single-serving chatter. "Single-serving," like Fight Club, and "chatter," despite his introverted characteristics. I've been to the store with him many times and I'm always amazed at his ability to be sincere, speak to the cashier like he or she is his only interest for those few minutes, and eventually bring up the greatness of God in light conversation. It's inspirational. Be that kind of champion!
  • To the business and other frequent travelers: You are #winning, yes oh yes. You know to put your three ounce liquids in a quart-sized baggie and in an easily accessible place, you know how many plastic bins you need in the security queue, you know not to wear shoes with laces, and you know to hold your arms in a wide Y in the security scanner. Instead of letting your frustration with amateur travelers get to you when you're at the airport, smile. Give the cashier an extra five dollars and ask them to subtract that from the bill of the person behind you. Be patient, even if others are outrightly rude to you.
  • Go to the parish picnic and introduce yourself to five people you've never seen before.

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