Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 25

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This week is my six month anniversary blogging. You don't have to try to make me feel silly for saying that, I feel silly enough. However I just realized that I started blogging right before I did my first 7QT.

The older blog posts on my blog were on my jewelry website; I cheated and transferred them over...

I have learned so much from all of you and I've come to call many of you friends!


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My cousin was supposed to be in Greece last week when she had to be rushed to the emergency room with acute pancreatitis. She was in the ICU for days and is still recovering in the hospital.
Baby power! (Yes, this is me)
If she had not flown home to be with my grandmother in her last days, she would have been in a European hospital, with no family, speaking English while everything else would be Greek to her, quite literally.

Praise God and His timing! Thanks, Gramma, for your prayers on that one!

Happy Good Friday!! Growing up, my parents were (and are) very reverent about the sanctity of Easter. I remember the Easter bunny coming to the house, but I also remember "the talk" when I was 5 or 6 wherein they revealed that they were "the Easter bunny."
The Easter bunny isn't THIS bad... but close.
They told us that they wanted us to know the real celebration of Easter, so I never believed in Peter Cottontail's cousin. How do you feel about the Easter bunny and using Easter as a Christian teaching moment with your children?

I'm going to let you in a secret. Mark Zuckerberg would slip on a pile of his millions if he knew I was revealing this to you...

The new Facebook photo format prevents you from sending a URL of individual pictures to others, right? Wrong!!

In that new photobooth-style format for photos, go to the desired picture. Right click (ctrl click for my fellow Mac-nerds) and "View Page Source." "Search" in that jumbled mess of html for ".jpg." The SECOND one it finds will be the picture you want! The first one is a thumbnail of your profile picture.
Muhahaha Zuckerberg, you cannot fool ME!

Speaking of Facebook, I just realized that one of my "Activities" is "Catholic." I Catholic here, I Catholic there, I suppose I do Catholic everywhere.

One of the videos we watched when I was going through my First Communion was about a little boy who wanted to learn to cook a Braided Easter Egg Bread recipe from his grandmother. Sadly, she passed away suddenly before he learned. The anger overtook him and he started to get mad at God for taking away his confidant, teacher, grandmother, and friend.

This story popped into my head this week because this is the first Easter I will be without my great aunt (who was really more of a grandmother), my grandfather, and my grandmother. This is a new period of my life and it came suddenly and without warning.

The little boy in the video discovered that the Communion of Saints and the memories of her connected them for eternity. He and his father (the son of the deceased grandmother) found the Braided Bread recipe and baked it in time for Easter.

My family is my Braided Bread. 

The biggest lesson I've learned in the last nine months is that nothing is more important than loving and showing that love to everyone around us. Don't waste your time. Do it now.


Liesl said...

I've become a lot closer to my family since I moved away to DC... I think it's because we used to take each other for granted being so close, and now I ask my mom, dad, and sisters for advice on everything. We never really said "I love you" growing up, but we do now. Sometimes I get these scary scenes in my head when I think that they won't always be here, and I'm definitely not ready for that but I am glad that we have grown closer.

Liesl said...

... aaaaaaaand Happy Good Friday!

Spence Ohana said...

Happy 6 month blogging anniversary, I enjoy reading your posts. And Happy Easter. With my kids I allow them to get excited about Santa or the Easter Bunny - but I make sure FIRST they know the real reason we celebrate these days.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Happy 6 month blogging anniversary! Woohoo!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the Easter Bunny or Santa. I believed in both, and I turned out fine, but it does seem strange and I'm not sure how to approach them with my own future kids.

Anthony S. Layne said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm wondering, though ... is the recipe for the Braided Easter Egg Bread the same as for challa? If so, I'm sure Simcha Fisher and her family would love it! (So would I, except that since I don't have kids, I don't have Easter eggs!)

Anthony S. Layne said...

PS: That's an Easter Bunny? Looks more like the Easter Werewolf!

Emily said...

I love your 7. Family is very important. And yay for 6 months! I'm glad I found your blog/twitter!

Anne said...

Happy anniversary! And congrats on outsmarting Zuckerberg :)

Julie Robison said...

Yay for 6 months!!

I'm totally tattling on you to MZ.

Mmm, that bread looks good! I would make it but... I got 99 excuses and that bread ain't one.

Elizabeth said...

Liesl, that is so wonderful! Doesn't it feel so freeing to start saying "I love you" to them often? It's hard to start that and you have to be careful to mean it rather than just make it a habit, but how better to show love than to TELL people how much they mean to you!?

Spence, Thank you! I enjoy reading yours as well and I can tell your parenting is forming some very lovely kids! I think that approach is best, it maintains perspective in a world that wants the focus to shift the opposite way.

Trista, thank you! That's what I mean, I believed in both, but the focus was always strongly centered on the real reasons for the seasons.

Anthony, thank you! I think it's pretty similar. If I remember correctly, this family was either Greek of Lebanese (same thing, right? ;) ). It's probably similar, if not identical, to challa because of the Mediterranean palate. I think that Easter Werewolf was Santa at some point, but someone got crafty with Photoshop.

Emily- Thanks! It is the window through which we see the world! Thank you! I'm glad I found you/you found me, as well!

Anne- hahaha thanks on both counts. It feels good to outsmart him.

Julie- Woot! Thank you! Go ahead. Make. My. Day.

Anonymous said...

As for Quick Take 4: the Easter bunny didn't come to our houses, the church bells did. On Maundy Thursday, after the gloria (or on Good Friday at three), they leave for Rome, and on Easter Sunday they return to their towers and drop eggs when they pass above the house. I guess it's a pretty local tradition, as I haven't heard about it in many other countries. I like this tradition very much, as it is much closer connected to the traditions of the Church than the Easter bunny. In fact, in the protestant parts of the Netherlands, they have the Easter bunny, in the Catholic parts they have the bells.
We don't have santa claus either, we have Saint Nicholas. :-)

Kate said...

Oh my gosh I watched that video before first communion too!

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