Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glue Gun Ingenuity

I'm cheap.

I have a pair of shoes that fit me perfectly, don't hurt my feet, and look great with almost anything. I am not a shoe girl, so when I find a pair like that, I have to hang onto them until they're unsuitable for public use (often times, my mom or sisters have to tell me when this time comes).

Over the last year or so, I've noticed the heel of this gem pair of shoes has worn down at an angle due to my funny walking stride and it made me sad to think I might have to toss them. GLUE GUN TO THE RESCUE!!

This idea came to me while I was in line at the craft store, buying my very own glue gun. I have great plans for this glue gun, the first of which was a wreath for my beau's front door. The Great Shoe Repair of 2012 is project number two.

It may be hard to see, but the dots in the middle of those heels are really the metal filling of the heel structure. Yikes!

It's difficult to find an angle that adequately shows the worn down rubber (stuff) on the heel. But it's about to get Elizafixed.

Squirt-ity-squirt squirt squirt the glue on the side with the most wear. Be careful of the heat!

I used an index card that turned out to be accidentally wise. I used the index card to flatten out the glue and hold it in place while it cooled, making sure to keep it level with the sole. The happy accident showed itself when I peeled off the index card (after cooling) and it left a little paper residue. I decided that was a GOOD thing because it gave it a little more friction for walking around.

A little black paint to match the original rubber (stuff) and some scissor trimming of the excess and it's good as new! It makes SUCH a difference when I stand in these heels now. Before, I would have to concentrate on not letting my heels wobble, but now they stay planted.

Once again, it's hard to see the difference explicitly, but "before" is on the right and "after is on the left. TA-DA!
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