Thursday, October 20, 2011

Easier than you think

Today is day 183 of the romantic relationship with my beau. Six months, half an anniversary, the six-mensiversary, a nanoversary, halfaversary, something somewhat silly to celebrate. Or is it?

Rather than swoon to you about the awesome man in my life, I thought I'd take a crack at how we got here. How did I land a great, Catholic man who wants to grow in Christ with me? Where did I go right that God would present me with someone who truly wants to discern God's plan? What help can I possibly be to others with only six months under my belt?

How we got here

Whenever people "give advice" to single people from their [haughty] chairs, it often inspires temptation of mild violence. I hope to avoid that.
Love his face

I've known my beau for almost three years now, so our road has been a long one with a large percentage of a friendship-only identity. We met in a young adult club. I can hear the sound of facepalms everywhere:

Of course you met at church! I've already tried that! I exhausted my pool there, give me another direction!

Remember that the majority of our relationship has been strictly friendship; we surprised each other as we became better friends. "Hey! Where have you been?"

A little over a year ago, after a series of weekly dinners in a group of church friends, several non-church-related events, and many email exchanges, my beau and I became great friends. We became best friends.

Then, despite my best efforts to control my mind (like nailing warm butter to a wall), I looked up one day and realized I had a big crush on my best friend.

Believe me when I say the "trust in God," "it happens when you least expect it," "you have to be happy being alone before you can be happy with someone else" cliches bugged me to no end. So as not to cause another wave of facepalms I won't explicitly say those cliches are mostly true... I'll just hint at it.

Get to the practicalities before I click out of this post.

Read more at I promise, I really give practical points.


Anonymous said...

I just found the sentence, "Of course you met at church! I've already tried that! I exhausted my pool there, give me another direction," to be quite interesting. If anyone is this undiscriminating they probably should have a dating fast and get some things in priority. Like becoming great friends with some folks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Six months certainly is more than enough reason to celebrate! I loved this post (I read all of it over at, but decided to comment here because I'm weird that way). I've noticed how more and more, people start to realize that it's not about making yourself all pretty or interesting for men, but that you should live your life as you're supposed to live it. Give yourself to others, serve God, love yourself. If that leads to meeting someone and getting married, that's a nice bonus. But we shouldn't forget we should strive to live like this no matter if we're single or married, "looking" or resigned. It's been a long time since I commented on your blog, my online time was very limited. However, I've kept reading your posts and enjoy them very much!

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