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"Family, become what you are." - St. JPII

Hel-LOW they-yah!

I'm a twenty-something cradle Catholic in Richmond, VA trying to pray and listen my way through life. I am grateful for my wonderful family who helped God shape me and to my new husband who has helped me strengthen my faith! I'm most grateful to God, who among many wonderful gifts in my life, introduced me to my beau husband and best friend. God rocks.

September 2014 brings an exciting new direction to my life.  After going back to school two years ago, I have a masters degree in hand and a heart for teaching English language learners.  I eagerly anticipate my first year of teaching, but I admit I teeter on the seesaw between hyper-elatedness and rocking myself into submission in the corner of the room, knees in my chest.  Here we go!

I created a blog all about my realized passion, second language acquisition and teaching English language learners (you might know it as English as a Second Language), but you're going to have to email me to learn about that one ;) I am, after all, teaching in a public school.


lynch-patrick said...

Love your blog. Go you!

Capt. Jeff said...

Awesome video! Looking forward to keepin' up with yo stuff!

Mark J. Mattheiss said...

Elizabeth: Really enjoyed your video! Insightful, funny, and I'm glad you didn't risk the legal trouble with Dan's people:p
I am writing to share with you a tremendous service/mission opportunity for this Summer.
Please consider sharing with your friends, networks, etc. Thanks, and keep shining for Jesus!! http://www.mjlmmusic.com/publicfiles/GPEC_MI_4_Flyer2.pdf

Sarah said...

I love your blog! :)

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