Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seven Links

What time is it?! MEME TIME!

Emily at Day in the Life tagged me!

1. Most Beautiful Post

"Mary's Vapor Rub"

2. Most Popular Post

"Beyaz Yourself"

3. Most Controversial Post

One of my most controversial posts is also my most popular post, "Beyaz Yourself... In the same vein is my recent post, "Freedom" for the Say Yes to Life blog carnival.

4. Most Helpful Post

If by "most helpful," you mean "most utilitarian" and "most recently popular through Google searches:" "How to write a letter to someone on a retreat "

5. Post Whose Success Surprised You

"Accept them, forgive them, let it go"

6. A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

"Mass-ive Disruption"

7. Post you’re Most Proud of

My reversion story, "Young Woman at the Well." I could do it differently, but I like that I kind of spit it out over the course of an hour instead of honing it and making it look practiced.

Please join me!

Paige at S'aint Easy
Lisa at "nunspeak" (and on Twitter)
William at New Media Catholic (and on Twitter)
Fire of Thy Love (and on Twitter)
Ciska at This Journey That's Called Life


James Mwangi said...

Hey Elizabeth, This is James from mass. Thank you for referring your blog I am enjoying so far and can't wait to read some more. With faithful Catholics like you online, maybe we can hold the line of evil in our world, may it be just a small portion. Continue the great work and may God bless your work evermore. see you on the blogosphere

Liesl said...

ok, now that i've figured out how the stats work on my blog, i totally wanna be tagged in this meme! haha.

good selection here :)

Liesl said...

also, your link to mass-ive disruption doesn't work on here... maybe that's why it isn't getting the traffic it deserves ;)

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