Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm more than Pinterested - 7QT, Volume 38

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I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back an hour ago.

Not really, but I am happy that I posted three "substance" posts and one mini-announcement about Fire of Thy Love's Say Yes to Life blog carnival this week!


Speaking of the blog carnival, here are the contributions:
Leah responded to my reaction to the Turing Test. She concluded that the test was ethical because it allowed for those being tested to know the potential consequences of their participation.

I respectfully point out that her test-making ethics were not in question. It's the intent of the test, where the rubber meets the road, that concerned me and Stacy (and Bryan). We didn't want to fill in a digital bubble to guess what someone's belief systems probably were when so many factors go into our faith.

My beau and I can't wait for World's Toughest Fixes to come back with new episodes... however, I fear this TV show has gone the way of many excellent shows that came before it. It's like Freaks and Geeks all over again. 

This guy cracks me up.

I think I decided I'm going to submit for this sketchbook project. I need to get back in the habit of indulging my visual creativity and this is a great kick-start. On top of that, I can attempt to use it as a forum for Christian witnessing! 
We all "know" what "most" artists feel about religion? Their stereotypical reputation precedes them... I will submit a sketchbook full of non-tacky, Christian messages.

That is, if I can get around to filling one. I'm almost done with my original.

Kendra, Emily and I discovered this week that our love for Pinterest may have reached obsession. Their servers were down for a full hour (I know, right?) and, as Kendra pointed out, we had to hold open tabs with those items we wanted to "pin" until it was back up and running.

Sound intriguing to you, run, don't walk, and get your own Pinterest account.

If this makes you think #FirstWorldProblems, then I will direct you to this link.

Preview: The Domino's Pizza tracker is not working. Now I don't know when to put my pants on.


Did you have time to hop over to see the Bright Maidens topic this week? Fr. Corapi and the importance of Christian witnessing.

Trista's, "Believe Me If You Like"
Julie's, "There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy, And No Measuring Tape Can Reach"
Mine, "What do John Mayer and the Catholic Church have in common?"

Paige at S'aint Easy
Tony at Outside the Asylum


Cynthia said...

Ahhh! It's ridiculously late to be commenting right now...and you have no idea who I am...but I have to agree with you on #6. Pinterest (like a good friend 'penned' on facebook) is crack.

It's been so addicting, but given my mind such grand ideas...for well, everything.

Great quick takes! Stopping by from Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!

Stacy Trasancos said...

Great, yet another social media tool I'm clueless about! Happy Friday. :-)

Emily said...

HAH I love how 2 of ours are the same. AHH Pinterest. I wish I could pin things at work. I would have so many more. But I still can look at other people's pins :D

Liesl said...

I'm slowly getting hooked on Evernote... I feel like this is very similar to Pinterest...

Leah said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm glad you saw my response, but I wanted to clarify that I didn't mean it to be a debate-y rebuttal, just an explanation of how I weighed risk.

Spence Ohana said...

Following your pins now. :) I love Pinterest! Come follow my boards.

I didn't know you were into Art. Something else we have in common. I received my bachelors of art emphasizing in graphic design. And I work part time for a FIne Art company.

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