Sunday, February 20, 2011

Google poetry: Gak squish

Simcha Fischer is hysterical. So funny, I am not going to defile the hilarity with an exclamation point. You'll just have to figure it out for yourself.

Every once in a while she gathers all the search engine entries that bring people to her blog and creates a poem. I'm a copy-cat. I hope you enjoy it:

Gak squish
god bless the man that can hold his own
hairy tush
alladin cartoon sex pics
fat dude
fat dude
fat dude

dan eldon journey
meet me in st louis spring

disney world aladdin stuff
"richmond accent" ugly
fat guy in bathing suit

The Jeweler's Shop
stupid kid laugh
dan eldon book pages

taj mahal prayer
white zombie eye sense
you're welcome in 6 languages
KAROL WOJTYLA The Jeweler's Shop
anne of green gables movie gilbert
priest with the eucharist
sign of the cross

one hundred years of solitude and the holy trinity

fat man in the bathtub
fat man in the bathtub

visual diaries
robin williams genie
fat computer guy

eye has not seen
dan eldon
dan eldon
dan eldon

startling the day arranged
dan eldon travel journal
church collecting candy for easter

robin williams as the genie in aladdin
magic eye taj mahal
fat computer guy

(I do not own the rights)

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