Friday, December 23, 2011

What I feel like when I run, 7QT, Volume 52

I am SO PROUD to announce that my brilliant beau is now a certified Professional Engineer! He is now known as Prince Charming, PE.

After a long, long, long two month stint of 200 pounds of engineering books, hours in a review classroom, and an eight-hour, butt-numbing test... not to mention the two month wait, he received his scores!

What a champion. I knew it!

His view from the stage
You know when you walk out of a great movie, hear a mind-blowing homily, or go to a comedy show and you can't remember ANYTHING said? I know how you feel.

But I have to assume Jerry Seinfeld was hilarious last week when I saw him in Richmond because I woke up with sore abs and a tight jaw. My dimples were aching.

He doesn't go to very many places when he tours for his comedy show, but he always seems to stop in Richmond at our Landmark Theatre (the Mosque, as we call it). Thank you, Jerry, for keeping it clean, for pointing out the nuances we all think about but can never articulate, and for entertaining me in my very own city!


About 5 minutes before their flirty snowball fight
My sister and I agreed, independently, that Beauty and the Beast is in great want of a five minute scene of Belle and the Beast falling in Love.

Brief synopsis covering about 15 minutes of the movie:
  • Belle finds her father in a dungeon
  • Beast takes Belle prisoner instead of father
  • Belle escapes, Beast finds her and fends off wolves
  • Belle and Beast are in love
Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but it doesn't work that way for me.

Speaking of Disney movies that don't portray Love accurately, I created a new pinboard and I think the ladies out there might enjoy it.
*4* Nuff said.

I just learned about this incredibly efficient use of the Internet and other people's time to save your bladder and prevent you from wasting your $46 on a movie ticket. Brilliant.


Speaking of running... Kayla of The Alluring World and Emily of A Day in the Life and I are on a team. We're virtual running buddies, motivating each other from afar to run and get into shape for our respective races.

I have a 10K run to look forward to on March 31, so if you could file away your prayers a little prematurely, me and my poor muscles would greatly appreciate it.

I ran this race last year, but I'm going to run it without stopping this year. I'm promising myself, and I never back down on a self-promise. The first line in my post from last year's race is:

"Oh man, y'all. I rediscovered something about myself: I am not a runner."

That will change, my friends. Care to join Kayla, Emily, and me?


After my accidental weeks-long break from blogging due to busyness, I think I made up for it this week with perhaps too many posts!

Our Deepest Fear - A short one that includes a quote that has been a necessary reminder for several years.

Chastity Carnal-val - I enjoy puns about chastity.

Carrying Baby Jesus into Christmas Mass - A call to action for all of us!

Lime spelled backwards - On the anniversary of my Emil Daddy's death


The Bright Maidens came back strong this week! I hope you didn't notice me skip out on the last one... if you didn't, I'm telling you now.

This week we "reviewed" TLC's new "reality" The Virgin Diaries. I enjoyed the responses, I hope you do too:

Mine, "Chastity Carnal-val"
Julie, "Kiss the Girl!"
Trista, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Virgin"

Katie, "Virgin 'Diaries'" - The woman behind the topic idea.
Alicia, "Virgin is the New Mermaid"
Beth Anne, "Virgin Diaries Review"
Sarah, "Unicorns in Our Midst: 21st Century Virgins"


Liesl said...

I love how the first thing on your pin board is a reference to Ella Enchanted!!! Oh, Prince Char... *swoon*

Stop blogging so much. I feel so much pressure to catch up now.

Tell your beau CONGRATS! PEs are super cool (in a nerdy way)! I know... I grew up with one as my daddy! :)

The Catholic Couponer said...

I think I remember seeing that runpee site once before its pretty interesting/funny. Thanks for the Bright Maidens props! Thanks for letting me participate it was fun to write about something a little different.

Man I can't imagine taking a test for 8 hours straight! Talk about writers cramp! I remember when my cousin took the Bar he was smart n they let him use a laptop. Thank goodness he passed! Yay!

Emily said...

Awww yeah running. I did that today. It was bad but I'm getting to 6.5 mph for almost 2 miles yaay.
Yay for your beau! Jim takes that test in the spring, he's not too thrilled about it...
have a wonderful Christmas, girl!

Kendra said...

Yeah, I can only imagine how much better Beauty and the Beast would be with a true falling in love sequence....

Jessica said...

I'm so confused by what you mean about Beauty and the Beast--the entire song "Something There" is their falling in love sequence. It may be one of the only Disney movies to actually have a falling in love sequence! Every other movie they're just magically in love for some reason, but this one you get to witness the whole development of their relationship, including a montage of their tentative friendship blossoming into love.

Haha clearly you touched a nerve with me since this is my favorite song of my favorite Disney movie!!

Lisa Schmidt said...

Our congrats to Prince Charming!

I've heard Jerry Seinfeld's shows are great. Lucky you he loves your city!

I am *hoping* to run another half-marathon in Des Moines the first weekend in June. My training will probably gear up about the time you finish your race. I write this with a large amount of uncertainty, though, given the reality of life with another infant here in a few weeks will determine how much I'm actually able to do outside of being mom to a newborn. Regardless, I'll be cheering you gals on - "persevere in running the race that lies before us while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith" (Hebrews 12: 1b-2).

Katie@NFP and Me said...

Go Prince Charming!! :D How exciting!

Thank you sharing RunPee. I've never heard of it before but that is the most awesome thing EVER!

Thanks for the link to my post and everyone else's. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Jessica is on the money, you guys, independently, have a shallow analysis of the film. B&B is the best of that era, because it deals with redemption, faith, and growth. The Beast has no motive other than pure altruism to let Belle go; it is the total selfless act. It's very real in it's portrait of a relationship, as they grow with eachother and learn to appreciate eachother's idiosyncracies. Next I'm going to read on this blog: "Charlie Brown Christmas stinks because it's sad, and I also hate the music from it because of that."

Elizabeth Hillgrove said...

Liesl - I thought you would like that! How did I do with the dress?

Beth Anne- Yeah, he was in a great deal of pain after that test. He couldn't drink water because you could only go to the bathroom at the halfway point!

Emily - WOW that's very impressive!! I only JUST got to that level and I've been running 2-3 times a week since June. Okay, time to step it up!

Kendra - Well-put: A true falling in love sequence. I will elaborate farther here:

Jessica - You make a good point in comparing it to other Disney movies. In my quick analysis, I was only looking at B&B, not others. But I would point out that in Aladin, for example, we see scenes of them spending time together and learning about each other. In B&B we get them yelling at each other and then a song sequence. I know this works really well for kids, I just crave a little more transition.

Lisa - Good grief! You are so impressive! If you find the time, I know you can do it and you'll be one of the few mothers of two (including one newborn) tearing it up out there!

Katie - I hope I didn't miss any! Thanks for starting the discussion! Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Hillgrove said...

I love when I accidentally strike a nerve and earn an Anonymous slap in the face.

I intended no offense and, if you notice, I didn't compare it to any other Disney film or plot. I simply asked for an interaction between them to see why they fell in Love. This is me, as an adult, asking for that. I think this of more than just Beauty and the Beast, I just happened to pick on it because it was something both me and my sister pointed out.

Marc Cardaronella said...

Seinfeld is hilarious!!! I'm jealous that you saw him in person. Why is stand up always more funny when you see them live? Probably because everyone else is laughing too.

I've thought the same thing about Belle and Beast. Can't see the attraction coming on that fast. Might take several years in real life considering the conditions. And maybe another rescue or two. And letting her go! I guess he did that though didn't he?

You're such an athlete. I never feel good about running! ;-)

Wow, I need to catch up on some of those posts! Especially the chastity one.

Kevin said...

Thanks, Princess Charming. I couldn't have done it without YOU! SO much motivation!

And you WILL dominate that 10k. I know b/c I've seen you training. Watch out everyone, this girl is getting _good_!

"We've got to get BAAACK!" - Jerry Seinfeld

Allie said...

Oh man, congrats on the PE exam! I went to undergrad with a bunch of engineers, and it made me thankful that computer science is new enough that we don't deal in certifications yet.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad to see you still have both hands on the plow. Keep on tilling the Lord's vineyard! (Gosh, I miss the blogosphere.) God bless... -Br. Homeboy McCoy

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