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7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 17

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"Boys will be boys."

Personally, I think this is the worst phrase in the English language. It makes me want to say it with an annoyed voice with my finger turning my nose up to look like a pig snout, "Boys will be boyyyyyys."

Girls will be girls isn't a phrase because girls are expected to be ladies. Gentle ladies who don't tread on toes. I don't want to tread on toes, but why do we give boys the excuses that are tethered to this phrase?

Men and women are different. This is not a feminist rant. It's a rant because the phrase immediately recalls the social teaching that males are basically expected to lose their virginity before they are married because "boys will be boys." It also gives little boys an excuse to be terrors because "boys will be boys." NO! They should be human beings, children of God, brothers in Christ. They shouldn't get this kind of excuse.


I have been on more airplanes than I know. I love the subtleties of traveling like the cheap thinness of the printed boarding pass, the efforts to make miserable airport workers smile, and the attempt to speed my way through airport security like a pro.

But I still panic inside during take-off.
Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee...

Do you notice that whenever a TV show or movie features an unexpected pregnancy, the writers RARELY plot that the mother has an abortion? No, I don't think it's evidence of more pro-life writers making their way through Hollywood. These writers are only going for drama and a new life opens new responsibilities for their characters.

With the exception of Private Practice, which apparently makes pro-abortion (I'll go so far as to say anti-life because of euthanasia themes) episodes very frequently, TV shows tend to keep the babies. Even pro-choice, super-feminist Miranda chose life for her unexpected baby on Sex in the City.

Remember that these writers consider the alternative: "Can I write in an abortion without losing some of my audience?" or "If I write in an abortion, how will it affect my character?"

Even if the writer is pro-choice, he or she knows the reality is the character won't emerge from the clinic unscathed. Any bending to the pro-life movement (showing signs of depression, breast cancer, or emotional health issues) will be admitting too much.

Liesl, you'll love this (or you'll already know about it...). Jason Evert joined substitute host Patrick Madrid on Catholic Answers on Valentine's Day to talk about the book he and his wife wrote, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul. I mentioned last week that I ordered this book and that I'd soon review it.

Their talk was very affirming (both of my book purchase and my faith in the need for more Theology of the Body in our society). You can listen to it here.

If you don't know about it already, visit their website, You can buy the hardback book for $24.95 today, or you can wait and buy an $80 case of 40 books (yep, $2/book) and give them out at will! What a great evangelism tool!

We need a word for...

Screenshot of a YouTube video
The successful delusion when you have convinced yourself you might actually meet a favorite music band. In my case: Boyce Avenue. To further the delusion, I'm sending them Rosary Army-style bracelets.

Someone, please slap me in the face.

I went to Las Vegas for work this week (yes, for work) and I have a lot of reasons to be grateful:
* I lost a total of $13, but I made up for it by ordering a couple free drinks.
(I don't own the rights)
* I have a spectacular boss and work team. We really are a work family.
* We stayed at the Venetian. Super swankified and well-rested, heck yes.
* Though I'm sure many of the women (and men) probably thought I looked like a librarian, I felt pretty darn classy. I tried my best to hold to Rebecca at Modestia's standards, but I know my fashion sense fell short. Modesty, however, stuck with me. Thanks, Rebecca!
* Patrick Madrid's book, 150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know, was a fantastic read on the trip to Vegas.
* Mass at the airport might be my new favorite location for Mass (excluding Vatican City) because it is so intimate and the community feels so specifically strong.
* Though my plane home was canceled because of a mechanical error, the good people of United put me on a plane a few hours late, put me in a really nice hotel (for 3 hours) and then flew me home at the crack of dawn. I'm also grateful for a bed to sleep in tonight at my new bedtime (6:45pm).

One more reason to be grateful:

Whatever whim that God sent through my heart/mind a few months ago that manifested itself into this blog has been grand a blessing on my life. I have met so many beautiful people through it, though I have not actually "met" them (yet). You know who you are.

If you want to make me even happier to be in this blog world, making new friends, email me. :D Have a great weekend! 


Julie Robison said...

Technically, we have met. But that's a story for another blog post. :)

DITTO ROBISON on the boys will be boys. BLEG.

Anonymous said...

I'm very blessed to have you as my friend! I love meeting people who are like minded. :)
And I know jealousy is a sin, but I'm jealous of your Vegas escapade...even if it was for work!

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

I look forward to reading your review of How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul! Thanks again for pointing me in the direction of that interview/talk.

I've been go grateful for the support and affection you and the others have showed me since we began chatting. Very thankful to God!

- Trista

Jackie said...

I've noticed that with TV also. It does seem that keeping the baby always ends up the *right* choice the character makes. I've been thinking about abortion a lot lately. My husband and I might be facing infertility, and so I've been praying that more and more women choose to keep their babies, so that if we do adopt, we will be able to without the horror stories I hear of waiting 5 years, etc. Is that selfish?

Liesl said...

I'm the same way with flying... I LOOOOOVE it... but yea, I totally say a prayer as we're taking off too.

And thanks for the shout out haha. I haven't listened to it yet, but it's been on my queue for a bit... I'm waiting to listen to it when I am not going to fall asleep on the metro haha.

Jim said...

My advice for "meeting your soul mate without losing your soul", meet her whilst in the seminary.

Anonymous said...

At my school, there is an unofficial motto: "Boys will be boys. But [high school name] will be gentlemen."

Elizabeth said...

(sorry for my late response!)
Julie- True dat, homes.

Tina- Me too! I feel so blessed! Don't be jealous, Vegas is more about hype and less about the actual experience.

Trista- The review is coming soon! I'm almost done with the book and it's fabulous!

Jackie- I don't think it's selfish, it's a desire. You want to make better the life of a baby of an unwed mother. If that prevents him or her from being killed in an abortion clinic or growing up below the poverty level, that is a wonderful alternative!

Liesl- Hahaha, well Jason makes it interesting. Trista will attest to this... the first guy's question sounded like a JOKE to me. Dude, are you serious?!

Jim- Oh my! I assume that's what happened to you! God works in mysterious ways.

Homeboy- Good, maybe we should launch a campaign to spread that motto 'round the country.

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