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7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 16

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Last week I told you about Patty and Phil who are looking to adopt and are printing their advertisements in many Virginia and university newspapers. Thank you, faithful readers, for clicking on the link to their website.

The attention provoked Patty, of Patty and Phil, to email me. In our exchange, it became even more clear how driven and called this couple is to adopt a new member of their practicing Catholic family (what are the odds?!). If you're new to this blog, check out Patty and Phil.

Even if you are not currently pregnant or in the situation that so many young women are in at this time, visiting the website will drive more traffic and may introduce this couple to the woman who can make their expanding family hopes come true.

You're reading this for a reason, so take it a step further and click.
Their daughter helped decorate the website!

My mom emailed this to me this week:

"Perhaps we, at times, see God as a kind of rival. Perhaps we too are blind to His signs, deaf to His words, because we believe that He puts limitations on our lives and does not allow us to dispose of our existence as we wish. When we see God in this way we end up feeling dissatisfied and discontented, because we do not allow ourselves to be guided by the One Who is the foundation of all things, We must remove all idea of rivalry from our minds and hearts, the idea that giving space to God is a limit to the self. We must open ourselves to the certainty that God is omnipotent love which takes away nothing, which threatens nothing. Quite the contrary, He is the only One capable of offering us the chance to live a full life and to experience true joy." 
-Homily, Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, Vatican Basilica, 6 Jan 2011

Last Friday, my mom and I went to a fundraiser for the Catholic, all-girls school alma mater we share (I'm a third generation alumnae, whoop whoop!). It was fun and I enjoyed getting dressed up. I saw a lot of people I knew and met more that my mom grew up with in Catholic Richmond (it's a very small world and I'm related to half of it, making dating difficult).

There was a photo booth with a professional photographer snap*snap*snapping away. When he set up the picture (he put my mom on a little stool, I'm not that short), I thought he was going to make us do the classic prom picture with my back to my mom... thank goodness, he had more sense than that. 

Look at my beautiful mom! Yes, we got the "you could be sisters!" comment.

If this was 1951, I would probably be a female failure. Good thing it's not 1951... because I'm not a cook. I'd like to get better (and not because I'm a woman. Because I'm someone who eats food) and I love the idea of being creative with food. A GUY told me about a book, Ratios, that teaches you the basics of flavor combination and the chemistry behind cooking.

In our Monday CCD class, I told the kids that Jesus was arrested and one boy said, "No He wasn't!" I proceeded to tell him, essentially, "Yes, huh." 

I told them why He was arrested and that the people who arrested Him hurt Him and then hung Him on the cross. The one girl who is the source of MANY of my post catalysts says, "But that's really mean. Why did they do that?" It was the cutest, sweetest little thing I've ever seen. She was so concerned for Jesus and how unfairly He was treated. 

Basically, I told her that the people didn't believe Him and they didn't like what He was saying and she said, again, "But that's so mean. Just because they didn't like what He was saying?" 

This girl asks the best questions that bring up a lot of thoughts. Just because they didn't like what He was saying, they killed Him. And He went through with it. 

"We love because he first loved us." -1 John 4:19

I don't own the rights.
I bought Jason and Christalina Evert's new book, How to Find Your Soulmate, and I'll soon write a review. I trust these co-writers of my Theology of the Body textbook will do justice to the teachings of the Church. I'm interested in doing God's will, no matter what that is...

However, I'm very excited to hear the Evert's explanation of how women called to marriage can transcend this secular world and find who God knows is best for them.

After a Twitter conversation with the lovely Julie Robison on Wednesday, I determined for the 2,546,541st time in my life that I over think things routinely.

I talked to my wise sister, Christine, who told me to pray the Hail Holy Queen every time I'm starting to over think. "It is less familiar, so it will be less automatic than the Hail Mary," she said.

It will also be good to use an already existing prayer for these moments. Otherwise, my prayers sound more like, "MARY, WHAT THE HECK?! Help me!"


thisjourneyofmylife said...

The book "How to find your soulmate" looks really interesting. I'm looking forward to your review. And I'm slightly irritated that they don't sell the book here. They don't even have Christopher West's books over here ... Frustrating, since I really want to read those.

vitaconsecrata said...

One of my favorite prayers is the Hail Holy Queen. :)
And that picture of you and your mother is beautiful! Here is where I make a confession: I already saw it. I decided a couple of days ago that I was going to see if I can find all my bloggers on facebook. I started with you. And then when I did find you, I realized how creepy it was so I stopped. LOL!
Yeah...I know I have issues. Please don't let that scare you away from me! ;-)

Nicole C said...

I might have to invest in that cooking book! Thanks for linking.

Also, I love the idea behind the "Hail Holy Queen." Because it's not as familiar, it forces you to disrupt your current thinking process. Brilliant!

Jackie said...

I love your blog title! I'm from Virginia too, though the southwest part of it.

David Peru said...
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David Peru said...

I haven't read Ratios, but what I've scanned seems good. I think the goal of that book is to get the reader off recipes and to cook more on the fly with what you have available/want to cook with. Basically you will make your own recipes according to the ratios. I'm not sure if it covers basic cooking techniques though.

I liked your story of "your kids" asking questions about the arrest of Jesus. It amazes me still how the questions I don't anticipate often turn into the best discussions and teachable moments. Kudos for taking the opportunity to use it as a teachable moment.

... and I'm from Virginia too, though the south-central part of it. Woohoo, lets hear it for the Commonwealth!

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

You and your mom are adorable :) Thanks for sharing that homily quote. Definitely needed to read it!

Liesl said...

Jason Evert spoke about this on Catholic Answers this week... have to listen to it still but I'm looking forward to it! I'll have to check out the book!

Julie Robison said...

I could have written this post. Or we're the same person. If this was on FB, I would like it!

Good book suggestions. I too need to learn how to cook (to eat, at some point, or to feed, in the future) and the Everts are wonderful examples to follow!

ps you and your Mom are gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Ciska- I meant what I said about emailing me on your blog!

Nicole C- Exactly! It's going to be like learning the Hail Mary all over again, but with a greater appreciation for what I'm learning.

Thanks, Jackie! Wooooo Virginia! Greatest state in the union, if I may be so bold (and hopefully NOT lose readers).

David- I think you're right about Ratios. I have basic cooking techniques down, I just don't like sticking to recipes because I don't always have the exact ingredients. The book should help me get creative without grossing out the people I feed. And see above for the VIRGINIA IS THE GREATEST statement!

T- Thank you! It applies to so many parts and times in our lives!

Liesl, Lisel, Catholic Answers should start paying you :) I'll have to listen to it!

Hahaha Julie, that is possible! Yes, I'm going to be eating nothing but the Evert's book until I learn all of the "secrets." (And thank you!)

Tami Boesiger said...

LOVE the picture of you and your mom!

#7 made me laugh. I too am an overthinker. It's a blessing and a curse, no?

I enjoyed my visit her Elizabeth. Thanks.

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