Monday, November 15, 2010

Three acts, three times, 3x3 sets of tears

My family spent this weekend in Harrisonburg, Virginia realizing that our mid-kid is even more accomplished, talented, mature, and wonderful than we already knew. Christine picked and directed a play by Karol Wojtyla (JP2) at her university, approaching the extremely mature themes of love and matrimony while on a college campus.

She has always been one of my heroes, but in watching her pre-play "do it with me and turn off your cell phones, please" speech, I wept. A flash came to mind of 4-year-old determined Christine swinging her way across the five foot high monkey bars with same "seriously playful" face. Christine stands 5'10'' of elegance, beauty, brains, determination and trust in God.

The play's words were wonderful, of course, and very dense. I saw it three times this weekend, deriving different key points out of each performance. The actors were fabulous, not a lemon amongst them; they were all very talented. The other directors of the play are beautiful, wonderful, and talented ladies. All three (a pattern emerges) directors pieced together a beautiful rendition of JP2's words mixed with pertinent and gorgeous dance sequences, a chorus of speakers behind the audience's view, and powerful lighting. The light became a character. 

As my title suggests, I was a big crybaby throughout all of them. My youngest sister and college freshman, Katie, arranged a ride and surprised Christine with her presence in support of her. Ah family!

I've asked Christine to write a post about her experience or about the play from her perspective... hopefully she'll arrest some time to write it soon.

I'm very proud of her.


Steve Finnell said...

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vercfamily said...

Was anyone able to tape it?? I would LOVE to see it!

Elizabeth said...

Christine wouldn't let us tape it... the Vatican said we couldn't, so she honored that. :( I could basically put on the play myself at this point, will that do?

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