Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh Canada - 7QT, Volume 41

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It's been a while since I've gushed about my love for most things Canadian, so it may not make waves when I say:

Gilbert Blythe: My favorite Canadian

I will be in the Northwest of the United States next week and one day I will make the trip to fair Canada.

I'm so anxious. What should I do to prepare? Practice my "OU?" Read Anne of Green Gables? Watch anything with Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Perry, or Rachel McAdams in it? Play a game of hockey, eh?

I'm just kidding Canadians, I know you're much more than that. Stick (oh I didn't even mean to make a hockey pun) around and you'll learn I have a weird, pointed obsession with Canada.

Have you discovered yet? Read a little about it here or check out the two posts I published there this week:
Thinking hard about these quick takes.
Liesl's has deep thoughts. Do you?

Emily tweeted this article about a man's perspective on NFP and it was a great read!

This week I read Jackie's take on politics. While we agree on many points, the main problem I have with politics is that I won't compromise my faith to fit into a political pocket. She and I just disagree on which points to "lead a charge." I'm still working on it...

This article about Papa Bene 16 calling for economies to have morals helps.

When I was looking into other posts on Jackie's blog, I used a Google search which brought me in contact with this advertisement about "gentle abortions." Gentle. Abortions?

My spirit is exhausted.


Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream
It doesn't solve my spiritual fatigue problem, but I bet it tastes pretty good.


This week was a weird post. Trista was in Spain, but posted anyway (because she's a champ). My post was very different than I expected and Julie's has been trolled by a rude commenter. Thanks to those who wrote on the topic: "Feminine Genius: The Dress!"

My post: "Month of the Dress."
Trista: "Dresses and the Apostolate of Beauty."
Julie: "Dresses Rule, Pants Drool, and Other Facts of Life." -- Which is getting a lot of silly comments.
Emily: "Tomboy fights back."
Chloe: "In All [Her] Splendor."


Emily said...

Thanks for the mention :D Totally use that as one of mine.
That cake looks delicious! Ahh, how I miss cake.
YAY Canada! I can't wait to hear all about it after you go :)
And oy, gentle abortion? Did you see the tweet Julie sent yesterday about a girl asking if there were any free ones so she could buy an iPhone? Our world these days...

Liesl said...

I now expect to have 548430 people head on over to my blog expecting to read something really insightful... only to find that I spend my time pondering shampoo bottles and blind people shopping haha.

Also, I think you should work on bouting up your computer as you're aboot to take a trip to Canada.

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