Friday, August 5, 2011

The Anti-Lazy Song -- 7QT, Volume 39

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Last week was the first time I've missed a 7 Quick Takes Friday since I started them way back in October 2010. I'm shamed.

I'll make up for it.

If it helps, someone arrived on my blog this week by searching "duggar girls wearing pants." Sorry people, not going to happen.

To start things off with a bang, allow me to introduce you to a beautiful young lady who is discerning God's path for her life. When I say young, I mean YOUNG. This chickadee is in high school and has aspirations of joining a Carmelite order, God-willing, as she said.
The Sorting Hat for vocations.

Her blog is called "Pilgrim's Paean" and I encourage you to be refreshed by her humble but exuberant gifts of service.


I'm sorry to spoil the refreshment so soon, but I have to bring your attention to Gen Y's new anthem.

"What's up?" "Not much, just hanging" *CORNY*
Bruno Mars "Lazy Song" is a caricature of the young people this day.

I should offer you a Werther's caramel now, right?

My jaw dropped and I almost choked on a fly when I heard this song the other day.

Make fun of being an old man and then read the lyrics. I can picture several teens randomly consulting the almighty Google and searching "i don't feel like doing anything today."

They search for answers and if they haven't already heard the song, now they have a laziness anthem, and it "feels" fine. And we all know, if it "feels" fine, it is fine.

On my Judgment's Shadow post from April, Cassi at "From a Catholic Daughter," stopped by to articulate perfectly the concept of "judgement." It's a tough subject that divides us all, philosophically, but I think she hit the nail on the head:
"Can't believe I missed this one when you wrote it! What I've been taught is that you can judge a persons actions and a persons words just not the person. It's kindof like how if a child in school was cursing all over the place you would have to send them to the principals office. You've judged what they've said and deemed it inappropriate for the classroom.
The same would go if they were fighting physically with another student, you'd judge their actions and deem them inappropriate for the classroom. This doesn't mean that you hate that child and have judged them to be a horrible person. They are a child of God, but we are called to hold people accountable and to a higher standard."

The Harry Potter craze seemed to die down a little around here, maybe that's just because my sisters and I quenched our Hogwarts thirst on the final movie's opening night. Get ready for a revival because we have our own "moving pictures," now!
I do not own the rights. But now I'm craving cake.

If you're wondering if I've forgotten about YouTube, let me introduce you to cinemagraphs. I hope the one I embed here works, if not, check it out in this link.


My high school alma mater is hosting an alumnae art show... eek! I have to show people some of the art I have created since graduating. This is something with which I struggle. I'd love to say I want real criticism about the quality of my work (even though I really think I'm below average, talent-wise), but I don't think I could take it if someone ripped me a new one.

Conundrum. I suppose getting my work out there will kick start my new mission to enrich the artistic side of my life!

In addition to some of the works I had in my art show in 2008, I might submit this one. I made it when I was 20-years-old and it's supposed to represent the moment of transubstantiation...

Or the way I painted it:


The Bright Maidens and the Pope were in cahoots this week to bring to you a summer reading list! Okay, no one confirmed our topic with Pope Benedict XVI, but he just happened to provide us with his summer reading list in the exact same week as the Bright Maidens. Coincidence?

Check out the lists on our Facebook page! If you don't "LIKE US" yet, tell me what you think of the new splash page I created. Then go ahead and "LIKE" us. Thank you!

I'm announcing our next topic a little early so you can get prepared. On August 16 we will follow our first in a series on the "Feminine Genius." This topic is entitled, "Feminine Genius: The Dress."

In the spirit of experimentation, I've been wearing a dress or skirt at every opportunity for about two weeks. By the time August 16 rolls around there will be about 30 days worth of dresses, skirts, and no-pants behind me. If you want to do something similar and write about a "pants fast," get started today.

If you're a man, please don't try this at home. Stay masculine and skirt-free, the way we like you.

As always, the topic is up to your interpretation, so do with "The Dress" what you will!


Allie said...

I love Bruno Mars' song "Just The Way You Are", and was so disappointed to find out that "The Lazy Song" was written by him when I wanted to hear more.

Liesl said...

Ahhhh I haaate the lazy song! I wanted to like it so much because I like his voice but really... it's awful!

It's also (partly) the theme song of my life right now. I do a lot of sitting on my couch watching tv, laying in bed until i wake up, kind of thing. Because that's the cheapest thing to do!

When I saw the pope wrote about his summer reads, I just laughed. I think he saw the Bright Maidens post but felt weird about posting with us all under that title, so he just released it about the same time. at least, that's what i like to think in my head. haha

Kendra said...

I have enough skirts and dresses now to wear them every day, if I so choose (and I do laundry enough). I love it!

I'm glad to have found another The Lazy Song hater. My eeeaarrrsssss.

Anthony S. Layne said...

What about a kilt, lassie? Aye, no flies on me! Turns out I could wear the Tweedside District or the Cork District tartans, though black kilts are the hot thing now (I've even seen a black kilt as part of a tuxedo ensemble!).

Paige said...

I have never heard that song, but I just googled the lyrics and can kind of relate to that feeling, but not all the other stuff. Kids are dumb (young whippersnappers!)

Emily said...

Ugh, I wish I could wear dresses everyday. Too bad I only own 2 that I could wear and I own a total of 1 skirt (and 2 skorts). I clearly need to broaden my wardrobe more. Hah.
I hate that song. Ughhh.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Best of luck as you submit your art! I think you're quite talented!

Julie Robison said...

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Thanks for explaining the dress thing publicly... I still didn't get it, even after your e-mails. In funny news, a friend's mom saw me in pants and said it was the first time she had seen me as such... so I guess this experiment has been going undocumented for quite some time!! :)

p.s. Tony, please wear a kilt and then skip-dance around, if only for the entertainment value (for me). :D

Patty "Wilson" P said...

I love the sorting hat for vocations! I laughed so hard! Elizabeth your blog is so well written! Such comfortable homour and gentle wisdom.

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