Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 33

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Coolest stumbleupon gift of the week: a color palette generator. Upload or paste the URL of a photo on which you want to base your room and it spits out a color palette. DUDE.

I feel the pressure. I feel it and I'm trying to decide whether or not to give into it.

I am, of course, referring to the Wordpress pressure. The general consensus is that Wordpress is a more attractive and versatile host blog format and I agree that it looks more professional.

But what a pain in the buttocks. I'm trying to teach myself how to build something I can live with. I'm not going to switch over until/unless I like it. If I can't figure it out, I'm going to be a petulant child, take my ball, and go home.

Booooo. (If you clicked the link and you want to give me a lashing for the boredom I put you through, please comment below).

I don't own the rights.
In the last several months, this picture from Sound of Music has brought a hefty amount of traffic to my blog. How, you ask? The magic word:

Pininterest. And now I'm hooked.

It's an image-grabbing, link-bookmarking, theme-organizing tool you can access by logging in. I have no idea how they make money. I click "Pin It" on my bookmark bar at least once a day and save those pictures I would otherwise forget about.

My mind is easily stimulated by images. Most of my ideas come to me in the form of images, which I translate into words. This is going to revolutionize my idea basket.

We hear about priestly discernment, we hear about nun-ly discernment, until we said goodbye to Homeboy McCoy, we read about monk-ly discernment...

What about the Diaconate? Ask Joel of The Practicing Catholic.

I'm not sure if I've been honest with y'all. There's something I need to disclose, otherwise we cannot be pseudo-bloggy friends:

I'm a Grobanite.

My birthday present, which I just got to enjoy on Tuesday, was a private box at my THIRD Josh Groban Concert. I've found him swoon-worthy since high school and the feelings haven't faded. What's not to love?

He's adorable, hilarious, goofy, geeky, and he has a killer voice. It was a wonderful night with my family, great family friends and my (trooper) wonderful beau. He said he enjoyed it (and I really believe you...), but I know Josh Groban is not everyone's cup of tea.

Thank you all!

Please share it.


Didya hear? We have a topic for this Tuesday, June 21!! The topic is for EVERYONE because it affects EVERYONE in different ways.

"Catholic Modesty."

I can't wait to read yours!


Anonymous said...

everyone keeps talking about pininterest. maybe i should check it out.
i like to listen to josh groban's voice. i even have a couple of his cd's.
nun-ly. i love it!
i follow joel's blog too. i think the blogosphere is such an awesome place to find people who are discernment. loving it!
have you heard about wordpress? it's a pretty neat site. ;)

Sara said...

I just got on Pinterest, too. It's a lot of fun. I like for pinning my own things rather than seeing everyone else's.

I don't listen to Josh, but I've heard him and love everything I've heard. Great voice!

Wordpress? My son hated it.

Jessica said...

I am also feeling the pressure to switch to Wordpress. I can't decide!

Anonymous said...

WP is awesome! I can't wait for the next Bright Maiden's post! Also, thank you so so much for sharing that (6).

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

I can't join Pinterest! I already have too many addictions, haha!

Julie Robison said...

Haha to Trista! And ditto Robison. Have you seen the video of him and Michael Buble making fun of each other singing? Hil-arious. :)

Liesl said...


I feel like we've discovered this before...

Katy said...

Love Josh Groban!

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