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7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 34

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We're at Betty Beguiles today!
irst of all, do you like how I'm sprucing up my posts now? You can thank and appreciate the efforts of Jessica Hische, self-proclaimed letterer.

She said she was bored looking at most blog posts. Okay, Jessica, I can take a hint. I'll use your letters.

f you are a DIYer, planning a wedding, or at all bored at this moment, go visit my name twin at Elizabeth Anne Designs. I've come across this blog at least 10 separate times (no surprise, since we share two names) and it's time I help her out.

It doesn't look like she needs my help, as she has a healthy following and a lot of terrific, creative ideas on her blog!

'all got me. Jessica, Anthony (and here), and Allie rightfully corrected me in my post about "emerging adulthood." It turns out that I'm not an emerging adult, which is fine by me.

I'm an actual adult! (I'm a real [girl]!)

In her response, Allie said, "[This] actually reminds me a bit of an article about this trend in Mormonism that came out more recently."

Funnily (can we accept this word?) enough, I read this article a few weeks ago and it fascinated me! Tell me what you think about it (topics: marriage, Mormons, and myoung mpeople).


ove Story. Ever heard of it? I watched this dramatic movie for the first time last night and you know what I took away from it?

"I need to tell my readers to go visit their grandparents."

Spoiler alert: stop reading if you care to see this film.

When Jenny was on her death bed and her father left the room, I started to cry. It takes a lot to get this girl to cry. A lot.

It's like trying to tickle me: usually, it's not going to happen unless you hit me with a sneak attack.

This part that pried the tears from my eyes affected me so much because it reminded me of the moment I left my gramma's hospital room, knowing that would be the last time I'd see her on Earth.

I thought I had already said goodbye, but as I was walking down the hall, a cousin was approaching the hospital room. I walked with her and faced the task of saying goodbye again, this time unprepared and unguarded without the proper amount of time to build a new emotional wall.

I'm grateful that my cousin's arrival caused me to be vulnerable in the moment I said goodbye to one of my longest friendships on Earth.

Your turn. Go be vulnerable with your parents or grandparents. Get to know them, do things for them, make more of an impact on their life and let them make several on yours.

These dents hurt, but I don't want it any other way.

Keep an eye out for a longer post on this. And go see your loved ones this weekend.


peaking of beautiful people... my dad found an old, undeveloped roll of film and promptly took it to the drug store. What a treasure!

Those pictures that were still in tact on the roll were documentations from my youngest sister's first day of kindergarten! Enjoy!

(I'm the taller one, the one with the bowl cut.)
She's so cute, it hurts a little.

This was probably my dad's idea. "Let's mess with Gramma, taking the picture, and pretend we're falling off the face of the Earth."

Happy family :)

My favorite daily Benedict this week was:
"Christ wants not only to give us sight, but also open our interior vision, so that our faith may become ever deeper and we may recognize him as our only Savior. He illuminates all that is dark in life, and leads men and women to live as "children of the light". 
-Pope Benedict XVI, Lenten Message 2011

What does it mean to be a "child of the light?"


his week's Bright Maidens topic was "Catholic Modesty."

Get it? I used a T-bone "T" because we're all more than just a piece of meat? Get it?...

We had a healthy helping of disagreement. I didn't think this would be a topic that so many would interpret differently, but I'm glad I got to read them! Go check out the note on Facebook with all of the links to the posts.

If you're new and you want to understand what the heck I'm talking about... hop over and read this... then "like" us on Facebook and participate on July 5.


Stacy Trasancos said...

I love the little girl pictures!!! I had a crazy week and didn't read all the Bright Maidens posts, but I will hop over to the FB page and do so this weekend. Glad to see it is going so well!

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Haha, I love the sideways picture! That's great!

Liesl said...

That's an interesting article about young Mormon singles! I knew that they believed they were still married in heaven, but I didn't realize that there was a hierarchy in heaven, with the highest reserved for those who are married! I guess I wonder what their views are on divorce - there was a woman in the article who was divorced but they didn't go into detail...
As for a church exclusively for young singles... well... while that sounds kind of wonderful in some aspects, I also love going to church with married couples and families - because it gives me a good view of marriage! It's also nice to see much older singles at Mass, to see that they are still happily living out their vocation as a single layperson! I think this Mormon church is missing the mark just a bit by separating everyone!

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