Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 26

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I am well-rested and unaware of any weddings going on in British cities.

My aunt got an invitation for a DVR viewing of the Royal Wedding, hats and gloves preferred.

I can't help but spend some energy praying that these two young monarchs make it. We don't need another public divorce discrediting the institution of marriage.


I know 1/3 of the people in this video titled, "We Got a Pope" (based on the song "I'm on a boat" -- which I've never heard of). Please enjoy:


Hat tip to Sarah, Jackie and Kassie.

I've raved about Sr. Lisa before, but here I go again. Hop over to her order's blog page to see her write up of a speech she made to young women at a retreat.

It seems many people (cough, cough, Bright Maidens included) are recognizing the void we have in our Church for reaching out to young women. Young women, if they learn and foster self-respect, can make a big impact on this world. They can hold men accountable and use their compassion to better the world. True girl power!

Speaking of the Bright Maidens!
Remember to write your own post that matches the prompt, "Why Mary?" for this Tuesday, May 3. You can go anywhere with this prompt, the only rules are you need to post it to the Bright Maidens' Facebook page, keep it clean, and link back to the Bright Maidens page in your post.

How cool does he look?
I will be going to my very first NASCAR race this weekend. I have some idea of what I can expect, but I'm more excited about the things I will see that will surprise me. 

Of course, I will have my handy notebook with me (I carry a notepad and a pen with me wherever I go. Seriously, everywhere) and I will take copious notes.

My date likes Jeff Gordon so the stubborn in me wants to cheer for Jimmie Johnson.

Now the most important issue: What should I wear?


I have been known by the following names:

Liz I.E.

and most recently, E.

Thank you, Julie and Trista! My poor little 5-year-old self should have thought of this the first time I tried to write my nine-letter name.


thisjourneyofmylife said...

I do not want to hear one more word about Will and Kate. Seriously. Luckily, even though we're much closer to London than you are, there isn't such a big fuss about it here. I haven't heard about royal parties in the vicinity.
The first topic you picked for your bright maidens' post is a tough one. I'll try to write about it, but I don't know if it will work out, as this topic is still very hard for me. Also, Tuesday is the day I usually post in my "on being single" series. We'll see. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's post!

vitaconsecrata said...

Nascar?? EWW!
But yay for a date! :D

Liesl said...

First, I slept in too... no point! It'll be all over the internet for me to watch anyway.

Second, so pumped for the Bright Maidens post! Already wrote mine!

Third, please tell me you are joking when you say you've never heard of "I'm on a Boat"... please.

Elizabeth said...

Ciska- hahaha I bet y'all are getting the brunt of it over there. Americans tend to adore these kinds of things, it's all over the place here. Maybe THAT's what you should write about, the fact that you have a hard time with the Mary doctrine. You could always post on Wednesday and still link back!

Tina- Hahaha it will be fun. He'll make it better... especially when I see how into it he is. We've watched it on the TV before.

Liesl- I was not joking... but I just watched it. I am glad I didn't blindly link to it... my ears, my ears! But now that I see it, I think these kids did a good job with "We got a pope."

Liesl said...

I should've warned you about the language! However, I think it is hilarious. Our spring break mission trip re-enacted the whole thing on the beach haha. I do like this spoof though - it's a much cleaner version :)

Sarah said...

Hahaha that Pope video cracked me up, especially Thomas More in the T-Pain role. Some of the people and locations in it look oddly familiar - I bet I know them or their families through 6 degrees of VA Catholic separation.

Kevin said...

NASCAR? Cool! I wouldn't recommend cheering for Jimmie Johnson. He's not very good.

However, it sounds like your date has a good thing going cheering for JG 24. I'd stick with him if I were you :)

Michelle @ Catholic Unveiled said...

Thank you so much for linking to the Canossian sisters! Seriously, it was an answer to prayer :) I've been discerning a vocation to religious life for awhile, and though I've talked to my priests about it, I've always felt that it would be really helpful to talk to a religious sister. Unfortunately, we don't have any religious communities in our parish, and prior to reading this post and clicking on Sr. Lisa's link I thought that the nearest community was several hours away.
I was happily surprised to find that the Canossian community that Sr. Lisa is part of is no more than an hour away from my town. Praise the Lord! He is so faithful to give us what we need :)
I sent an email to the sisters, and I'm hoping I'll be able to meet with them so I can pick their brains for wisdom and guidance.
Thanks so much for being a conduit of grace - the Lord is using you, whether you realize it or not.
Have a blessed day, and a joyous Easter season!

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

E!!!!!! Love you lots. Have fun on your date! I want a full report since I've never been to a Nascar race, either.

I listen to 'I'm on a Boat' about 25x per week. Keeps me giggling and giggling.

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha Liesl. I've heard those words before, it did make me laugh!

Sarah- Fewer than 6 degrees!! Check your Twitter DMs!

Kevin- I don't know, I was sold when I realized his number was TWICE Jeff Gordon's. I think I'll stick with him. ;)

Michelle! PRAISE GOD!! Wow, I'm so happy for you!! I messaged Sister Lisa about it and she's very excited. God bless you!! If you see this and you get a chance, email me!! liz at

Trista- :D You'll get a full report, no worries. It was pretty freaking funny. Disclaimer to those who are currently YouTubing to find it: if you have any heart conditions or issues with extremely foul language, don't watch it.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...


Anonymous said...

Have fun at NASCAR!
We've Got a Pope = Baller (slightly biased)
-Megan O'Connell

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