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7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 23

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I wrote most of these quick takes before I learned that my Gramma had taken at turn for the worst. I don't blame God for wanting her to join Him, she's an awesome, holy woman. Please keep my family in your prayers.


We know about the Holocaust, we know about the genocides in Rwanda and the Sudan... but we don't always put them on par with abortion. Hop over to Liesl's blog, Spiritual Workout, and read her article about the Holocaust of the 20th and 21st centuries.


(I don't own the rights)
I will soon write about the second biggest conversion of my life: the movement toward country music.

I know many readers just lost respect for me. For good measure, let's separate the sheep from the goats: I love NSYNC, too. I would go to a Justin Timberlake concert tomorrow. I'm also starting to dislike Taylor Swift.

Still there? To my delight, I just learned that DARIUS RUCKER is coming to Richmond in July. I will be there, Mr. Rucker, worry not.


After one tweet I tweeted last week, I now have three Magic Hat brand Twitter accounts following me... how do I feel about that? Stupendous! Beer is delicious!

Homebrewing sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not a great cook, but I can make beer, right? My sister found a store that has homebrew supplies and I may just have to start a new hobby... #mmmbeer.


Jason Evert came to Richmond last Saturday and dropped some knowledge on our fair city. When I arrived at his first speaking engagement, I was the first one. A little eager, I'd say.

I saw him in the distance and it was like I was looking at a celebrity. This man and his wife have had a profound impact on me in the last year, I'm very grateful to them. That is what I was thinking when I introduced myself with shaking hands and a clenched vocal chord...
Buy the book here!

He was very kind and funny! I gave him a copy of my review of How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul and enjoyed THE HECK out of his talk!

There were a lot more boys there than I expected, especially considering the talk was the same time as the VCU vs. Butler game (Go Rams). I know Mr. Evert planted lots of thoughts in the teens' minds because he still plants them in mine!

If you haven't already, be sure to stop by the Everts' website, You can watch videos, listen to talks, and read questions and answers.


In 1615, when Galileo Galilei sat before the Church's powers that be, he sung a little-known verse:

The Catholic Knight (Google found him for me) wrote an explanation of the Church's sentencing of Galileo.


Thank you for participating in the discussion this week! To clarify, we intended to pick one, pressing issue, not point out every issue in the Church. I happen to think the one I picked spawns a lot of the other issues, but of course I'd say that... it's my blog.

Does it feel like I talk about sex a lot? That's possible... I teach a Theology of the Body class.

I'm going to talk about it again on Tuesday for our #BrightMaidens topic, "Sex before marriage." I'm going to try to spice it up for y'all, since you already know where I stand on it (hint: no, thank you).


Homeboy McCoy said...

I was given "Pure Manhood" by a friend. I was immediately (though secretly) offended. "What are you insinuating?!?" But I read it and it was key in helping me adjust to the absolute pure and chaste life expected of all religious.

vitaconsecrata said...

Call me a heathen, but I don't like beer. It kinda makes me sad since...well since it's beer!
I like country music too. I always have though. I like other music as well, but I like country too. :)
As far as the sex thing is concerned, I love to read what you have to write about it. I actually am struggling with this right now (or more so last night) in leading someone to sin through my words. I'm beating myself up over it. I feel like such a hypocrite...
So please, keep writing. Love ya!

Liesl said...

1. Thanks for the shoutout! :) I had "fun" writing that post... more like I just couldn't stop the words from flowing one morning.
2. You are coming to the good side?! By good side, I mean country music. Hello. Love it!
3. mmmmbeer.
4. That Galileo comic is HILARIOUS. Hahaha.
5. Definitely praying for your grandma!

Anne said...

I've never heard of Jason Evert, but I am certainly going to do some investigating now! Thanks!

Emily said...

Hi! I found your page (and Twitter) from Kendra. I really like your blogs (and tweets :D ) I may have just started liking country music (but only Darius Rucker and Josh Turner) but it's a HUGE thing for me. And sidenote, my boyfriend may have sang that song (Dynamite) almost exactly like that picture is captioned. (I can't wait to show it to him). Praying for your grandma and your family!

Emily said...

p.s. sorry about that random double post.. I deleted it and it's still there :(

Louise said...

Praying for your Gramma, your family, and you!

LOVE that Galileo song! Haha! Thank you for linking to the Catholic Knight explanation. I read a book called Galileo's Mistake a few years back and I found it just fascinating, but I had forgotten a lot of the details so I appreciated the reminder!

Sarah said...

1. Praying for your grandma and family!
3. Don't worry, I also harbor a not-so-secret love for country and cheesy pop music. Bard Paisley and Sugarland mean summertime to me.
6. That Galileo pic cracks me up every time.
7. Now I am really stoked for next week's Bright Maidens! I've wanted to start a blog discussion on this topic, but am a little hesitant since my mom (and thus little brothers) follow my posts.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Prayers for your grandma and family! *hugs*

Like Sarah, I LOVE Brad Paisley. He either makes me giggle or cry with every song.

I feel like I talk about sex and marriage all. the. time. Oh well! I have no idea what I'm going to write for Tuesday. Eek!

Anthony S. Layne said...

1) Prayers for your Gramma and your family, Elizabeth.
3) I don't listen to a lot of music nowadays—odd for a musician—but I liked Darius when he was with Hootie and the Blowfish.
4) My brother homebrews. I don't drink much beer nowadays, but the kit he got makes some tasty suds!
6) (puzzled look) ... song reference?
7) I know what you mean. I look at how many of my posts on OTA have to do with sex, marriage and homosexuality and I think, "Y'know, some armchair psychiatrist would have a field day with this!"

Spence Ohana said...

I'm a country music lover and I grew up in So Cal but now live in Texas - my hubby is wondering what happened to my taste in music. Funny thing is he's even warming up on it and likes the Zac Brown Band. I love Darius' latest hits.

Praying for your grandmother and family.

Julie Robison said...


That is my edifying and enlightening comment of the day, mainly because I think I've already talked to you about the most of the above already. Also, thanks for posting the link on Galileo. That's a big sticking point more Catholics need to be able to explain better.

blueberriesforme said...

I love beer. Love. Love. Love. I can't drink it though (oh the irony).

As far as VA beers go - have you tried Dominion Oak Barrel Stout? So good, especially if you like dark beers. If you don't, you should. I think people get it in their heads they don't like dark beer because it's just a lot more in your face, but I usually recommend that non beer drinkers start with something a little darker. I think that the chocolatey undertones appeal to a lot of people. Way better than the tastes-like-pee Natty Lights that most people drink in college then decide to swear off beer.

If you like lighter beers, Legend Lager is really good too. It was my beer of choice in college.

thisjourneyofmylife said...

How are you doing? It's been a few days since you updated. I'm praying for you and your family.

Cassi@FromaCatholicDaughter said...

My roommates could attest to this. I've been singing the galileo picture since I read this post. They might be getting annoyed but it's just so clever.

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