Monday, December 6, 2010

I love 1st graders! Week 11

I'm going to miss those little goofballs! Today was the last class until late January and it is Bummer City in my heart.

On many occasions I have thought, "Wow, I really love this!" and "Teaching is fun, I love trying to find a balance between discipline and entertainment" (while teaching... okay you caught me). However, tonight revealed the most overwhelming feeling of deep-rooted Love for each of these precious little people.

The hang up is: I don't know how much I'm allowed to show. The training they make religious ed teachers undergo paralyzes me a little--thanks, lawyers. My twin snuggled up next to me while we were sitting and it was all I could do not to put my arm around her for a little side-hug. I want to show each of them how much I'm growing to Love them, and, you know, try to share Jesus' Love, but I feel like I can't.

Next time, I'm going to keep the motto I've tried to tattoo to my heart: Love always. As long as we're all together as a class, I can adore these little chillins all I want!

Jesse Tree

Tonight we joined the other classes to celebrate the Jesse Tree prayer service for the kiddies. That meant a squall of elementary schoolers attempting to sing a song I sang when I was in their shoes, about 17 years ago... a lot of high pitched mumbling to the tune of The 12 days of Christmas.

That also means: party time! We asked them to bring in a treat to share (this is a test for moms and dads more than it is for our students...) and we brought gifts!

My lovely teacher friend brought in gold ornaments that she decorated to give them along with these cards (pictured at right). It is rotten quality because I used Photobooth to snatch a picture of it when I was in weird lighting. They enjoyed the gifts!

Parents: I'm really sorry for the amount of sugar in their bloodstream when you picked up your little darlings. I hope you only heard 5 or 6 verses of the song we sang before they fell asleep.

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