Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yo, yo, yo homeskilletz - 7QT, Volume 43

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Back on the safe east coast... oh wait. We had an earthquake in Virginia when I was on the west coast. Irene spared Florida and then pummeled the northeast. Yikes! Hopefully my plane flew back fast enough to turn the world back to the way it was before my Seattle trip.

I am not asking you for money.

I'm asking you to consider giving money to this nice young man, Steven, and his FOCUS mission. I randomly picked Steven from the FOCUS list of missionaries and I've been happy to receive his newsletters explaining how his work has effected young people at college!
How can you say no?
Now, like many of us, he's looking to use Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire "CATHOLICISM Study Program Leader's Kit" to evangelize, enlighten, and energize the students at Florida Gulf Coast University. Also like many of us, it's too expensive for his missionary budget.

If you're willing to spare $5 to send this great resource to Steven, please do! His FOCUS page is here (look for the lime green button on the right side of the page) and the Florida Gulf Coast University FOCUS page is here.


Don't YOU want a copy for yourself?

I bet Steven and his FOCUS team would be happy to let you travel down to Fort Meyers, FL and participate. Just let him know in advance, so he can save you a seat.

To explain my less-than-Elizabeth title...

Yo, yo, yo homeskilletz. The LIZ-I-E is in the hizzouse... So I'm not hip or with it, but I do know about Twitter. Learn more here.

I met two lovely ladies on Twitter yesterday! Leah Jacobson with the Guiding Star Project and Kristin Detloff at Living the Sacrament (also on Twitter here).

Yay for the Feminine Genius and the New Feminism!!

From Brandon Vogt's Facebook feed:

"Commentary on today's Gospel from Archbishop Fulton Sheen:

'Do you think that the reason St. Peter denied Our Blessed Lord is because He healed St. Peter's Mother-in-Law?'"

Make sure you check out his new book, The Church and the New Media.

More info

Thank you for your patience, Bright Maidens (and Gentlemen)!

We switched the "Feminine Genius: The Interior" from last Tuesday, to this Tuesday, September 6, 2011. We'll see you on our Facebook page with your own interpretation, right?


Mandi said...

Hey Elizabeth, I reread your Twitter article and I think I pinpointed the thing I have trouble understanding about Twitter. I don't really get the personal, conversational side of Twitter - when reading other people's tweets, I'm always confused when I come across something that was directed to one specific person, I guess it feels like I'm walking into someone else's conversation. Does that make sense? I guess I just have to learn...

Elizabeth said...

Oh Mandi, I definitely understand that! I think that's a hurtle every new tweeter faces, it's just been so long since I joined Twitter that I forgot all about that phenomenon!

Anything that people tweet publicly (if you can see it in your stream vs. your direct messages "folder") they are having a public conversation and you're almost invited to join it. Of course, use your discretion. If someone is airing dirty laundry and being vague, you wouldn't say, "Hey guys, what are you talking about?!"

This is what makes Twitter so different. You communicate publicly, so you open yourself up to the community atmosphere. Sometimes that leads to four people responding to someone's plea for prayers and sometimes that leads to an annoyed person telling you they don't like what you're saying.

Search for #Cathsorority and you'll see a group of girls who "met" only on Twitter and united under that title because their conversations were generally uplifting and collaborative!

Emily said...

YAY for #cathsorority! And this title made me giggle.
Also, the trailer was really cool! That looks super interesting.
Maybe I can get back into my blogging habits with this weeks Bright Maiden's post. I've been seriously slacking.
But once RCIA starts I'll have more to talk about :D

Liesl said...

I've been trying to comment on this all day, but blogger has been FAILING!!!

I'm thinking up a cool bird name now...

I have been anxiously waiting for Catholicism to come out for over a year!!! I am pumped that they're going to show it on PBS so I can see it :)

I'm going to go write my post now so I can meet my "deadline" ;)

Mandi said...

Thanks for responding! Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I just prefer to have my own conversations in private...I'm old fashioned that way! But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

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