Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boys and girls

Boys are not stressful and they are not stupid.

Reviewing the Theology of the Body as I teach the teens at my church reminds me of this. Another beautiful result of the third wave of feminism <<sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm>> is the trend of disliking men for being male.

Take your pick of any jaded female Facebook status, the evidence is abundant.

I'm guilty of a little hate speech soiling our brothers here and there, but it has been a while. I have a longer history of stressing out about "boys" and wondering if they liked me romantically or not. Oh the time I have wasted...

Ladies, think about how much time and energy you've spent analyzing something a guy has said or not said. We get all worked up, as if guys imply or hide anywhere NEAR as much in their speech as we do, and when it doesn't work out: we get to spit all over their good name.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize this. Until several months ago, I thought I needed to know what the men in my life were thinking. Pick a side, I thought. Pick a side, friend or more than friend, and go with it.

God only knows how many friendships I spoiled with that approach. I'm finally at peace and trusting God. Where the words "let go and let God" would make me angry and confuse me, now I can sincerely let go.

Attention young ladies: take a break from guys for a little while. Allow yourself some time to come to see them as brothers in Christ or potential brothers in Christ.

Being friends with them is so much easier then stressing about what they're thinking -- and, if you ask me, being friends with them is easier than being friends with most women.

Aim for God, as explained in the diagram here, and He'll bring you closer to whom He's chosen for you. You may already know him! In the meantime you can get to know Him and all the hims without angst-dripping Facebook statuses.


Julie Robison said...

This was a great post. I just finished Marcel LeJeune's latest book on TOB and how it has changed people's lives. It is always important to remember that if God wants you to be with someone, he will make it happen. Oftentimes how it happens is through friendship. Thanks for posting! :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the book tip!! That's what I pray, that it happens through friendship. It doesn't seem to work out when I go into it thinking, "You boyfriend, me girlfriend. Ahhhh"

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