Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday after Mass, Vol 1

Two little blurbs about my Sabbath Day happenings from yesterday:

I got to go back with the kids during Children's Liturgy of the Word and a girl (who looks EXACTLY like I did as a child) from the CCD class I taught last year ran up to me, put her hand in mine, looked up to me, and said, "I missed you!"
Not my hand, but very sweet
PLUS I went to a second Mass on Sunday afternoon to honor a very *mature* priest who was the campus minister when my parents were in college. He pointed out that everyone needs to stop complaining about the state of their parish and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I LOVE that he was holding all of us accountable.

Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church, Saint Louis, MO
I just like that altar backdrop... What cool things did you witness at Mass yesterday?


Elizabeth said...

That is a very important point about parishioners needing to feel accountable. Too many people think of themselves as a consumer rather than a custodian of their parishes. We need a stronger sense of ownership, in order for stewardship to also increase.

Liesl said... it bad that I can't really even remember what happened at Mass 2 days ago?! I only remember that I went... Yea, it's bad.

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