Friday, May 4, 2012

Crabsolutely crabulous


About two weeks ago, my cousin and her boyfriend (call him Xavier) proposed a commission project that helped me touch paint brush to surface for the first time in months (rag to surface "painting" didn't count).

They wanted to get Xavier's friend a unique wedding gift with an inside joke running through it. When they saw this in a store, they had a goal. When my cousin remembered I enjoy getting my hands dirty with paint, they had a plan.

UPDATE: Apparently, according to the groom, this won the "best gift award." Holler city.


Step by step, let's find out how we went from this:

To Fred, the lucky couple's new home decoration crab mascot.

First step:

Confidence. I spent the entire week planning out the crabtastic process ahead of me. I let the devil slip in a few times, intimidating me and reminding me that I haven't done anything remotely artistic in several months.

Smite you, Devil! Get the crab out of here! You're not welcome here.


Second step:

Commandere boyfriend's coffee table and ask him to put on an educational program about Air Force One and Marine One. Then smile (and thank God) when he sits and watches some of it with me because you've found someone who loves these dorky, fascinating, educational specials.


Pencil it out and just do it. Don't let the devil pinch your confidence again. One bit at a time.


Name him. He doesn't have eyes yet, but he deserves a name.

Crabs have freckles, right?

Now, words.


Perfect it and go all OCD on that block of wood. Fred needs you to make him look good.

AH HA! THERE you are, Fred. Welcome to the world. We knew you were there the whole time, didn't we, readers?

Final step:

Hope you can smile because your readers will stick it out through the crab puns and personification of wooden crustaceans. Savvy? 


Megan Lindley said...

So cute! You did a great job!

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

Looks awesome, I love how it turned out! :)

Katie@NFP and Me said...

Loved all of the crab puns. Also, that looks fantastic!! Go you!

Julie Robison said...

Love it!

Lindsay said...

Love. I'm a Marylander myself, so anything that reminds from home gets a fast +1 from me!

Liesl said...

You have such a punny wit :)

And you are a master painter. Paint something for me? Perrttty please? :) Not a crab though.

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