Friday, September 9, 2011

IdiOH-What? - 7QT, Volume 44

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I'm going to dedicate the next few quick takes to the funniest, most random idioms I've ever heard:

"It's as slick as a mole's belly."

My co-worker said this during an icy winter. Do you have an image in your head?

"I'm so mad I could spit!"

My mom says this pretty frequently.

An Italian one, for flavor: 

"Capita a Fagiolo" = "It is understood by the bean"

My sister tells me this originates from when beans were a staple food, so this translates roughly into "Duh!"


Yesterday was Mother Mary's birthday and today is the birthday of the mother who changed my diapers, taught me how to sew, and continues to teach me to Love. What a great week!

Here is a fun piece of code (fun code?). YES fun code! If you ever want to embed only PART of a video add "#t=XXmXXs" to the end of the YouTube link's random list of numbers and letters. The Xs, are obviously numbers for the time at which you want the video to begin. You may have to delete some, beginning with "&" from the end of the link -- for example, "&feature=related."

I may have just confused everyone because I think I just got lost myself. Take a looksee at this example: -- for giggles, go watch that.

After you have the altered link, embed it as you normally would.

Sometimes I just want readers to see a video several seconds in and this is a great help!


We missed y'all this week! I was late to post (what's new?), but I finished my post about "Feminine Genius: The Interior" during my lunch break. The diligent and wonderful Trista and Julie finished theirs the night before...

But unfortunately we didn't get to see anymore explanations of the elusive Feminine Genius. If you have time to write one this week, post it to our wall!! We want to hear from you!!


GADEL said...

Happy Birthday to your mum :) - wishing her the very best in this life.

Just a quick one can guys also do the 7QT stuff? Thanks.


Liesl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOMMA!!! September is a GREAT month in which to be born :)

Marc Cardaronella said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth's mom!

I do wonder about that mad spitting thing! Have you ever done that?

Julie Robison said...

Love the bean one. I'm going to start using that one!

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