Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tweet for Christ!

Last week I found out my “Twitter age” (the number of applications out there blows my mind) and today is my 623rd day on Twitter. I could go on like a nostalgic 90-year-old gramma, but boy, has Twitter changed over two years.

There’s a lot of over-sharing going on and I am not excluding myself on that one. All my self-flogging and wishing I wasn’t such a social media butterfly fades when I continue to realize how helpful it is in connecting me with other #Catholics, #Cathmedia, #prolife, #Christian, artsy, Richmond and newsy folks.

Some of my favorite #Catholic Tweeps out there:

*Patrick Madrid @patrickmadrid - Someone gave me a one hour, succinct Patrick Madrid apologetics talk on CD and it woke me.
*Jennifer Fulweiler @conversiondiary - My patron saint is Elizabeth Ann Seton. I have always been so drawn to the stories of Catholic converts.
*Dan Sealana @CatholicDan
*Thomas Smith @Gen215
*Planet Catholic @planetcatholic - Make sure to visit The Catholic Guide, a Catholic wiki!
*Jeff Miller @CurtJester

If I forgot anyone... I know I will mention them later, but I’m sorry if I missed you this time around!

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