Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a great day to be a'tweetin'

Today I started the majority of my conversations with those I loved saying, "Did I tell you? I'm not sure if I did, tell me if I already told you..."

Both Jennifer Fulweiler (of Conversion Diary) and Patrick Madrid (of ... PATRICK MADRID and DUH) tweeted to me today!

These two wonderful people, who have both had profound influences on my life in the last year, took the time to be kind and mention me on Twitter.

The first burst of excitement came in the morning (darn you, Twitter, you used to post the time stamp. Not anymore, gotta keep changing, don't ya?) when Jen (can I call you that?) thanked me along with some of my other favorite tweeters, @ @ @ @.

Then the delivery man brought the Patrick Madrid book, 150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know, to my door. Naturally I had to tell the world about how excited I am to finally be more well-Bible-versed... to Twitter I went. Shortly after that, Patrick (can I call you that?) tweeted that he hoped I would enjoy it!

Happy day! Additionally, I received my Toms Shoes from the very same delivery guy who kick started the second wave of social media fame euphoria! What a spectacular Wednesday.

On a day that I'm less star-struck, I will go into detail about how both of these people thoroughly influenced my effort in my relationship with God.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Just now saw this. You are too sweet, Elizabeth! And yes, of course, you can call me Jen. :)

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