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"Aren't you glad we lived this long?" 

My dad says this every time he encounters the newest technological miracle or techy technique. The following is a group of more reasons to love this e-age and how it can help you grow in faith. Of course, you can hit Catholic Online, Catholic Answers, and the blogosphere on your first few rounds, but what if you want to find some new sources?

I've compiled a little list of free, cheap, or unique Catholic and/or general Christian resources found online. It's a list, it's a long one, bear with me, and read the whole thing. I guarantee you'll find something you like!

If I get your suggestions and the list grows enough, I'll make a page and plug your blog as thanks for suggesting!

* A friend and TOB co-teacher works for Uppercase Living, which has some attractive Christian inspirational sticky messages in an online store. These are so neat, I'm putting one in my bathroom so I see it every morning and night.

*Many G.K. Chesterton books are a dollar each on Barnes and Noble's Nook e-store. If you don't have a Nook, you can download the software for FREE from B&N and read it on your computer. Let's say a few months down the road it hits you: I must buy a Nook. Who could blame you? All of your B&N purchases are stored on your account. No need to re-purchase. Check out these Catholic fiction writers too: Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Ron Hansen, and these. Nerd-dom rocks.
This is here so you don't get bored...

*There are many Catholic podcasts out there including my favorite, The Catholic Guy Show. The Disciples with Microphones has compiled a list of Catholic podcasts, organized into categories. Hunky dory!

*I enjoy Patrick Madrid's apologetics Open Line show on EWTN Radio, Thursdays at 3pm EST. If you're like me and you have no idea which radio station that is in your hometown, click on one of these links and it will start streaming.

*This entire site,, is a Catholic coupon clipper's digital heaven. Seriously, free stuff. And of course, it's not just for Catholics. Anyone is welcome to get some free stuff!

*Do you have a spiritual director yet? I don't have one yet, but while I'm looking for one, I consult this online Catholic Spiritual Direction site.

*Of course this isn't all about getting. We're here to evangelize, are we not? How could I get away with my awesome post title if I don't mention that? You can donate to members of FOCUS who have to raise their own salaries in exchange for prayer intentions and spreading Christ's word to college students. There are MANY places to donate online to Catholic and Christian organizations, but that one will put your money in the trenches, feeding the mouths before they speak to those who will run the world in a few short years.
Another boredom savior...

*You don't have to spend money to do some good online. Facebook. No, really. Don't shy away from praising Him in a status message every once in a while. If your friends don't like it, they can ignore it. Hopefully filling the newsfeed with positive messages and gratitude towards the One who brought us here will make a few changes. It may make others more comfortable with sharing their praises in "public places." For some reason, so many of us fall for the idea that we should be embarrassed by our faith. Be one in the Fellowship of the Unashamed.

*One last Facebook tip: go on there and tell people you Love them. Not "luv" and not "love ya." Spend some time to make a connection with someone you haven't spent much time with. Grab their email or send them a message and tell them you Love them. People don't mind being told someone Loves them, in fact it will probably make their day. Cousins, old friends, moms, dads, grandparents (especially if they're cool enough to be on the Interwebs), and significant others: let them know what they mean to you (Note: I didn't condone unleashing on your crush). Believe me, when you don't have the chance to tell someone anymore, you wonder about how many opportunities you had to tell them.

*Not in a Catholic-rich area? Go to and look for a Catholic group. Maybe there's an age appropriate group, a mom or dad group, a book group, or a Dungeons and Dragons for Catholics group. Whatever floats your boat. If it's not on there, CREATE IT. Chances are, there are people in the area who want someone to begin something and SOMEONE should. Hint, hint. It is just as easy as arranging a dinner with your friends.

* is a music hub for Christian tunes and artists. It will point you in the direction of new artists for FREE. Music can't sound better than that.

*Using the code VAL11 on gives you 6 months of a subscription for $10/month, saving you up to 60%. You spend that much on coffee in a week. Caffeinate your Love life instead on a site dedicated to Catholic dating.

*Got Bible? Need to copy and paste Bible? USCCB has you covered. Thanks guys!

* ... an explanation would be redundant.

Don't get distracted, you're almost done!
*This site offers a way to track... that which you need to track when you're following NFP. I've tweeted with them before and they tell me Fertile View also offers one-on-one consultations with engaged couples.

*There are probably many Catholic dad and mom community sites out there, but here are two.

*The Rosary Army has an inspired mission: "Rosary Army freely provides online instructions on how to make, pray and give away all-twine knotted rosaries either to individuals or organizations of their choosing or for Rosary Army’s worldwide distribution to those in need. Rosary Army will provide one free handmade all-twine knotted rosary to any individual of any faith around the world." Pay it forward multiplied indefinitely!

*Thinking about taking a mission trip? Want to keep it Catholic? Here you go and here you go. There are TONS of Christian mission trip resources, so here is the Google search. Be sure to go on one that fits in with your beliefs. If they're promoting contraception to "control population" or they're promoting embryonic stem cell vaccines, run!

You made it! Believe me, it's my job to research and I could go on for weeks with these links. I play hopscotch with Google all day, so if there's something for which you're searching (you know, something you can find on the Internet) email me at my jewelry store account and I'll be happy to find it.

Also, if I missed something cool, add it! I'll create a page if I get some good feedback and we'll keep a running list!


Anonymous said...

These are great links!! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

And I just want to say that I don't find it very surprising that there are no Catholic Therapists in my entire state. It's sad...but not all that surprising.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks for all the ideas and for the plug. Laura

Allie said...

hello! i don't know how i found your blog but i LOVE it. thanks for all of the great links. just what a college student who is avoiding homework needs!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Tina! I'm sorry to hear that! Maybe that's your niche?

Thanks and you're welcome, Laura! I just bought one!

Allie! Welcome and thank you! Come back, I post every other day, usually. I love your blog! It's rare to find someone so young who is so obviously keyed into the Lord. Praise God!

Ciska said...

Thanks for these links. They're very interesting. Unfortunately, I can't really use most of them, as I don't live in the US and can't download either!
Ciska (

Spence Ohana said...

Great list, thanks for posting!

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Thank you for compiling this list of resources!

Liesl said...

hmmm must go check these out...

our chaplain did an "iCatholic" post last month - maybe some more free links!

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