Friday, August 15, 2014

Sisters, Sisters - 7QT

When your baby sister goes off and makes you feel old, you get to call her your baby sister. So there.

My youngest sister is flying off to her FOCUS missionary assignment in Boston, MA on Monday.  I've seen her go through financial, personal, and professional struggles since she returned from FOCUS training.  What a woman!  I know she will let God use her gifts to introduce others to the faith and I invite you to join me in praying for her!

If you want to join the mission, you may do so by praying, by reading her blog here, follow her on Twitter here, or consider reading her story on the FOCUS blog here. Thanks! God Bless you!

Raise your hand if you agree that we could use some more appreciation of the arts in our lives.  The arts and the Catholic Church have had a long and intimate relationship in the history of the world. 

If it didn't, this wouldn't have been such a big deal. You know how many frescos we have. Please.

As the city on the hill, the ever-visible Church that Christ founded, we have a responsibility to uphold this tradition and enrich the arts.

This is where my (other; next in line) sister comes in. Christine just graduated with her masters in theatre history and it is her passionate mission in life to revitalize our base through Catholic theatre.  She directed and produced Karol Wojtyla's play, "The Jeweler's Shop," in her senior year of college We went to a secular college, by the way, and yes, she got just as much flack from her professors as you can imagine.

The arts world spends a lot of time spouting their own teachings from their pulpits.  I'm proud of my sister for seeing the beauty in everyday life and wanting to express it through movement, good writing, and profound thought provocation in Catholic theatre.  I promise, this is one movement and one gal you want to keep an eye on: her blog, "Over the Moon, Torino," and her Twitterdom.

Do you think we can reach those we have not yet reached through the stage and through the arts? Tell me what you think!

Speaking of Catholic arts: Spirit Juice Studios.

This Catholic media company is high class and full of talent. They are using God's gifts to glorify him and the STUFF IS GOOD! Read: not cheesy. We needed this.

Calling all ye who have heard of the Daniel Fast!

I am the WORST faster. I easily convince myself, "Oh, just that little bit more food. This isn't a small meal yet, it's just a snack. Oh, that bite didn't count. Hmm. The bag is empty."

I am focused so much on ME when I fast: how great thou art, Elizabeth, for depriving yourself. Reward yourself a little; God wouldn't want you to feel like this.  

Short story: I need to reflect carefully on this weakness of mine because it has led me to sin many times. Christ died for me on the cross. I should be focused more on him in these times of fasting.

I see a lot of these in my future.

So, it begins Monday.  Christ, let me focus more on YOU.

The lovely Sarah wrote a thought-provoking post this week (one that includes God in a sarcastic mood) and I invite you to check it out: Of Museums, Monsters, and Men.

I will have three classrooms this year as an ESOL teacher. Eek! This is the before picture of the first one:

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