Monday, March 7, 2011

I love 1st graders! Week 17

A few blurbs from this, the pre-Ash Wednesday 1st grade class:

*"But why do they call it Good Friday when they killed Jesus that day?" -- This is the same girl that sparks almost every 1st grader post I write.

*There is a copy of the Crucifix of San Damiano on the wall in the room.

We start talking about Good Friday and how they hung Jesus on the cross.

Teacher: "Do you know what they put on Jesus' head before they hung Him on the cross?"

1st grade boy having a seizure with arm in the air: "Uh, a... sun... thing?"

* We went into the church to learn about Ash Wednesday and they knew they were going to be crossed with ashes on their forehead. This is the South, not very many of these kids have more than a gas fireplace. The concept of "ashes" is almost foreign to them.

Over heard:
* "They're going to burn paper in church."
* "Are the ashes on my head going to be hot?"
* Teacher: "Does anyone remember which color we use during Lent?" 1st grader: "Black?" Pointing to freshly crossed forehead.
* Teacher: "If we we wanted to draw a drawing to show Easter Sunday, what would we draw?" 1st grader I: "A cave" 1st grader II: "Jesus going up to Heaven." 1st grader III: "A big rock." 1st grader IV: "Jesus, on the cross, inside an Easter egg."

They were really good today and I would love to do a full post about it, but I have to get ready for the BRIGHT MAIDENS series for tomorrow! Remember to click over to Julie's and Trista's blogs for their version of tomorrow's (today, if you're reading this on Tuesday) theme: Are women in the Catholic Church oppressed or repressed?


not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

"A sun thing" hehehe.

thisjourneyofmylife said...

Those kids are hilarious!

vitaconsecrata said...

Jesus on a cross inside an easter egg.
Something is wrong with that statement. I can't tell if it's the easter egg part...or what. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Hehehe yes they are hilarious! haha Tina. She said it with such conviction.

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